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We have always had a passion for home renovation and home décor, you could even say it knows no bounds as we regularly travel the globe searching for quality pieces to sell to customers. 

These unique items featured on our website are just a glimpse of what makes up the inventory in our stylish, pet-friendly store location(s): Our home interior store and the do-it-yourself yard. Our huge 10-acre yard boasts an impressive inventory including windows, flooring, doors, powder coated gates, bathtubs and sinks, cabinets and more. 

We strive to extend our expertise and passion to our staff and customers, and we're proud of a diverse team that is equally as passionate about their work as we are, and it shows. Every employee at Demxx is an integral part of a customer’s journey here, as we help with renovation and improvement projects. 

We are consultants, as much as sales associates. Our staff will review your project requirements assist in getting you the right product and style for your project specifications. 

We are considered one of Vancouver Island’s preferred destinations for DIY home projects, and for those design savvy locals on the hunt for quality, one-of-a-kind home décor and furniture pieces. This acknowledgement from our customers is all the drive we need to keep exceeding our shoppers' expectations.

- David & Sharla